We help you be Business strong, People Smart and Cyber Safe

Business Strong. People Smart. Cyber Safe.

Go Ahead - Grow with Confidence. At Work, In Life and Online.

Mission: To Positively Impact 1 Billion People By Creating a Happy, Safe and Prosperous Environment Where Others Can Be Inspired to Change the World

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Business IQ

Every business needs focus, strategy, direction and a plan.

The Business IQ Division helps you align yourself, your people and your process for strengths-based planning and accelerated results.

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Success IQ

Need leadership or sales skills to help you be more productive, persuasive or influential?

Success IQ is our proprietary accelerated learning model for education and coaching for individuals and teams.

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Cyber IQ

Hackers and data thieves steal secrets and sensitive data.

Cyber IQ is security and safety monitoring and testing for your people AND technology while raising awareness to protect your digital assets.

What is "Holisec?"

About the Holisec Group

Collaborative education, coaching and consulting to accelerate sustainable, positive, transformational growth
Everything you need for personal, professional and business transformation.

The Holisec Group is dedicated to the safety, personal and professional development of people worldwide. The company provides TOTAL IQ™ - a combination of Success IQ, Business IQ and Cyber IQ. Founded in 2008 by Stephanie Frank, CCII, MNLP and Ray Williams, PhD. The Holisec Group exists to help organizations and individuals create rapid change with fewer steps, less complexity, less effort and less stress.

We work with entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial corporations of all sizes, and individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, education and experience.

Concerned about data thieves, hackers or stalkers stealing your data or manipulating you or your people? The Cyber IQ team is at your service providing live security awareness monitoring along with both human and technological vulnerability testing.

Want values and strengths-based focus, direction, strategy or planning for your fast-growing organization? From Tuneups to Turnarounds, get smart about your Business IQ.

Want personal or professional coaching, education or certification development for your own program? Use Success IQ and take classes, get coaching or private label training material for your own use.

  • By combining values-based strengths training AND coaching

  • Increase sales and cut costs for strategic growth

  • Outsourced and private label services save time, money and energy

  • Outsource the business services you need at a price you can afford

We thought we were safe, and our people wouldn’t give out any pertinent information, so we hired the Cyber IQ team to do a vulnerability test. Within 15 minutes, they had our client data. I’m so glad I knew this before malicious hackers did!
Gina Gaudio Graves
Founder, Directions University
Just 1% Happier = 3 Times Productivity. Just 5% Increase in Productivity = $79 Billion in Increased Profitability.

The Holisec Executive Team

These people drive the collaborative team that keeps you business strong, people smart and cyber safe - at work, in life and online.

Stephanie Frank

“Unlikely Geek”
Stephanie Frank, CCII, MNLP is the Holisec Founder. She brings people together and drives vision.

Ray Wiliams

“Gracious Executive”
Dr. Ray brings decades of experience in executive mentoring, organizational development, coaching and leadership training services.

Cliff Edwards

“All Systems GO!”
Operations and Coaching Manager Cliff Edwards brings decades of systems, certification and technical experience to our team.

Cheri Sigmon

“Good Geek and Hacker Premier”
Cherie Sigmon, CISSP is our lead Penetration Tester. She and the Superhero team plug leaks that vulnerability testing reveals.

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