February 12, 2017

About Holisec Group

Holisec Group = Total IQ

The Holisec Group helps you increase your results in your LIFE (Success IQ) with your WORK (Business IQ) and promote your SECURITY (Cyber IQ) in today's fast-paced environment.  Co-Founded in 2008 as the Success IQ University promoting success principles at work and at home by Stephanie Frank and Ray Williams, the Holisec Group expanded to include business and cyber security principles based on the founder's extensive knowledge in these areas.

Clifford Edwards joined the executive team in 2016 and runs the day to day operations while managing the rest of the dedicated team of professionals providing services to our clients.

 When Life-Work-Security is aligned, you have ACCELERATION and HAPPINESS.
What else do you need? 

What We Do:

Below you will find a short presentation that will give you an overview of the Holisec Group divisions and services. Hover over the graphic to turn the pages. 

Holisec Group Overview&Services

Business IQ

Success IQ

Cyber IQ