February 12, 2017

Business IQ

Business Intelligence.  If you run a business, manage or lead at work, you must have a certain level of understanding of people, process, leadership and sales.  Your Business IQ can be upgraded by learning the skills that make your company more profitable, and your life more peaceful.

The Business IQ model is based on systemic standards that allow companies large and small (even micro businesses) to align process and people, to work in strengths and plan strategically rather than “seat of the pants” planning.

The Holisec Business IQ model is based on the following stages of Holistic Business Success:

First you choose your stage:

  • Reboot – Starting over / new
  • Refocus – Things Are Too Complex
  • Rev Up – Expand Your Reach
  • Grow – Extend Your Leverage


Then you choose your area of focus.


Whether you need a Tuneup or a turnaround, coaching, mentoring or strategic planning, the Holisec Group can help.


Sadly, Business Intelligence is not taught in school. Not the way we use it.  For you, it’s about Lifestyle.  There is no “Lifestyle 101” master class or “Choosing the Right Marketing Tactics for Your Style” workshop.

Business IQ has three fundamental principles:

  1. Business is a series of systems.
  2. Business (Entrepreneurial or I/ntrepreneurial) success is possible for anyone.
  3. Business IQ  is learned.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Leadership-Lifestyle Strengths Alignment
  2. Strategic Acceleration Planning
  3. Sales-driven Growth

Contact us to learn more about how we can coach, mentor or help you plan for business  transformation and success.