February 12, 2017

Success IQ

Success Intelligence.  We all must have a certain level of understanding of things that make us safe, strong and smart.  Here we focus on a group of “intelligences” that we call Success Intelligence, or Success IQ.

The Success IQ model is based on research about habit formation from Charles Guhigg, researcher and author using published sources in the area of Neuroscience and coached using formats and principles from the International Coach Federation.

In research study done by Todd Rogers at Harvard University, it was shown that brain plasticity, behavioral interventions and a proven coaching process can increase the likelihood of success and well being for most people.

Success is different for everybody.  Some people may find success in material possessions, and others may find success through collaboration and relationships.  YOUR Success IQ can be raised through structured learning which will make you more productive and effective with yourself and others, and overall happier in life.

Sadly, Success Intelligence is not taught in school. There is no “Happiness 101” class or “Making Good Decisions” workshop.  No one tells you how to manage your emotional state, foster great relationships or think systematically.

Without these basic skills, interaction becomes difficult, frustration and blame can run high, and emotions can overtake productivity.  This often results in lost income, bad feelings and uncooperative people.

Success IQ has three fundamental principles:

  1. Success is a system.
  2. Success is possible for anyone.
  3. Success is learned.

The Success IQ Formula


Success can  be a very confusing term.  How is success really measured anyway?  At the Success IQ University, we believe that engagement at work begins with engagement of self.  That’s why the Success IQ curriculum begins with a personal assessment of success contexts—the things that really matter to people.

There are 8 contexts of Success—4 are internal and 4 are external.

Success in Context

Internal Contexts:

  • PhysicalContexts
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

External Contexts

  • Career/finance
  • Community
  • Relationships
  • Environment

Once people know their personal context scores, we move on to the skills and strengths assessment to determine the proper training course.

Skills and Strengths

Once context is determined, we measure skills and strengths in 3 key areas:

  1. How you are BEING in the world
  2. The ACTION you take every day
  3. How you are RELATING to others


Success IQ Triangle_Complete01

Each key area has 4 skills training modules, each with 4 lessons, for a total of 12 modules and 48 lessons  (There’s a bonus 13th module called Choose Happiness that everyone gets free).  Within each module, there is a specific personal success outcome that participants who learn the lessons will experience.  Success IQ Triangle Complete with Details_01-1

The outcomes are:

Module Outcome
Be On Purpose Purposeful
Amplify Your Personal Power Energetic
Live Your Passion Passionate
Create a No-Limits Attitude Imaginative
Model Excellence Competent
Achieve Your Goals Motivated
Optimize Your Actions Efficient
Improve Your Process Productive
Live Your Truth Authentic
Create Great Relationships Influential
Show Great Leadership Inspiring
Build Great Teams Teamwork

 Here’s what we do:

  1. Online Training (Personal and Professional Development, Leadership and Security)
  2. Coaching, Mentoring (individual and group)
  3. Certification Management (for experts who want to create a certification program)

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